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ASB Housing Co-operative Society Ltd was started to provide all its members with comfortable sites & homes in all growing "government approved layouts" at fair prices.

Our motto is to provide a site for Rs.5 Lakhs & to build a Comfortable house for 10 Lakhs just 50 KM difference from Bangalore for people having very less income.

"Developing layouts in such way that the shelters should be made affordable to those low income group. And, the layouts developed for the purpose sgould suit for better living and free from all encumbrances" - This is the prime objective of ASB Housing Co-operative Society Limited.

The ultimate aim of the institution is to provide a site at Rs. 5 Lakhs and a house at Rs. 10 lakhs surrounding 50 kms of Bangalore.

The ASB Housing Co-operative Socierty Limited has been permitted by the state governments to develop layouts & build houses in and around of 8 districts of bangalore viz., Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural, Ramnagar, Mandya, Mysore, Tumkur, Chikkaballapur & Kolar


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